Reshma’s Story


Dreams Turned To Death


Reshma Begum (aged 35 years), mother of two children, was a resident of District-Khulna. She belonged to a poor background and a few months back, in April, 2015 she left for Jordan after being lured by her neighbor telling her that she can get a well paying job there. With a desire to improve the living conditions for her family, she agreed to go and paid 70,000 Tk for arranging her travel and job. After 2 months of her leaving Bangladesh, she made a desperate phone-call to her husband. She was crying and informed him that she was being tortured mercilessly and that she wanted to return home. This was her last call and her husband was not able to contact her. Five days after this, on 8th June, 2015, to the utter shock of Reshma’s family, Bangladesh Embassy in Jordan informed Reshma’s husband that Reshma has died and they would be sending her dead body to Bangladesh. BNWLA got to know about the incident from a newspaper report dated 13th June, 2015 published in “Dainik Janakontho”. Her family received her body on the morning of 14th June, 2015 from the airport and with the support of BNWLA, the body was taken to Dumuria, which is where her father resides.

Reshma’s husband has been receiving threats from the agents who had sent her to Jordan to pressurize him to not inform anyone about the incident. Reshma’s sister, with the assistance provided by BNWLA, has registered a case under the Human Trafficking Deterrence and Suppression Act, 2012 as well as Section 302 of the Penal Code, 1860 at Dumuria Police Station. Reshma’s body has been sent for post mortem to ascertain the cause of her death.

The present case indicates the presence and functioning of a well organized network for identifying vulnerable women and making them leave Bangladesh by giving them a lucrative offer of a job and thereafter trapping them there, where they are exploited and tortured. Reshma has lost her life to this racket and there must be many more girls and women who are becoming the victims of similar rackets.