Dina was born in a small village at Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. Her father was a driver. Her mother was died after giving birth. Dina’s sister went to Dhaka as a garment’s worker. After leaving one day Dina went there to visit sister’s place for few days. There she was introduced with a man and liked to talk with him. One day, he forced her to do physical relation with him and Dina denied. After knowing, her sister informed the police and the man was taken in jail for few days. After coming, he wanted to take revenge so that he haired three persons for kidnapping. Suddenly Dina was missing. Her family members were frightened and they looked for her in every place. However, they didn’t find her. At last their neighbors advised them to seek help from Manob Kollayan Parishod (MKP). MKP is the partner organization of Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Association. Usually this organization is not linked with human trafficking related work. However, for the sake of humanity, they informed the head office of Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Association about the missing girl. BNWLA also concerned about this girl and immediately took step as they communicated with the shelter home related organizations in India and also apprised with the Indian High Commission Office. After the earnest endeavor of BNWLA, at last Dina was found in Rescue Foundation in India. They took the necessary steps for repatriation of Dina. In the long run, she returned safely after two years three months through the joint venture of India-Bangladesh on 2nd July, 2015 at Benapole port thana in BNWLA’s safe custody. After the repatriation, she started live in the safe home of BNWLA.

Dina’s experience was horrible after the kidnapping. She said,

`There were three man. They muffled my mouth and

threated, if I shouted they killed me’

They took her in Benapole border as she say and transferred her to another person in India border.

`I was crossing the cornfield with them. Then I saw a long fence and we

crossed this. On the other side, two people waited for us and I was

handover. After a long train journey, I was settled in a flat where were also

many girls stayed from before.’


In that flat, she introduced with one Bangladeshi girl who helped Dina to escape from the flat. In her voice,

`Didi wrote address for me which I showed a man after escaping and

he’d taken me to the police station. I told them in detailed and they

sent me to another place where they teach me.Besids, I also learned

tailoring, drawing and beautician’s job. They also gave me certificate.’


Dina’s family members did not return her home so that she requested to help her continuing study under the supervision of this organization and she is very grateful to this organization for helping her.