Selina lived in Patuakhali district with her parents and siblings. Her father is a laborer and mother is a housewife. She lived with her elder brother and sister-in-law in Dhaka. She worked in a garment’s factory. Her brother demand full salary as house rent which begun the conflict between them and the reason of her leaving from the house. In her voice,

`After living the house she met a girl named Jarina accidentally. I’ve

taken shelter in Jarina’s house and started work in a nearby factory.

Few days later she advised me to go to India. Beading on sharee

is high paid work there. Thus,I was interested and agreed to go

with her.’

She went to Jossore with Jarina where she handover Selina and she crossed the border with those people. After few days long journey, She at last reached a home where she informed that she’d sold for prostitution. She said,

`At first, I did not understand the situation. Then I denied.

However, then I was forced to do this. After few days,

police raid the house and rescued me. They sent me to

other place where I learned many work such as beautician,

tailoring and agriculture related work. Through these work

I got 5000 rupees.’


She returned home. However, the background of her repatriation was the effort of BNWLA. After her missing,her family members were frightened and they looked for her in every place. However, they didn’t find her. At last their relatives advised them to seek help from AVAS in Borguna.AVAS is the partner organization of Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Association. Usually this organization is not linked with human trafficking related work. However, for the sake of humanity, they informed the head office of Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Association about the missing girl. BNWLA also concerned about this girl and immediately took step as they communicated with the shelter home related organizations in India and also apprised with the Indian High Commission Office. After the earnest endeavor of BNWLA, at last Dina was found in Rescue Foundation in India. They took the necessary steps for repatriation of Selina. In the long run, she returned safely through the joint venture of India-Bangladesh on 2nd July, 2015 at Benapole port thana with BNWLA’s safe custody. After the repatriation, she safely handover to her family under the initiatives of BNWLA.She is very grateful and says,


`I am very grateful to this organization. They are very helpful at

that moment when nobody could help my family. I also

recover with my family only for their cordial initiatives.’