Rina(fictitious name), aged 3 years, was lived with her parents at Ajij Moholla, under Mohammadpur, Dhaka. While playing with other children, Siddiqur (42), a guard of neighboring house, took Rina to his residence and forcefully raped her. Immediately after the incident Rina was got admitted to Sohrawardi Hospital followed by Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Rina’s father, being complainant, filed a case on April 13, 2014 against Siddiqur under section 9(1) of Women and Children Repression Prevention Act, 2000. On June 4, 2014 the Investigation Officer submitted charge sheet to the court. The court took evidence of 8 persons. The court pronounced verdict on June 28, 2016 and convicted the accused with life term rigorous imprisonment and in addition fined Taka 10,000. In the judgment it is mentioned that the amount of fine will be converted to compensation and victim will get the compensation. Judgment came in around 2 years from the date of filing of the case.

Support provided by BNWLA:

  • In this case BNWLA provided legal assistance to the prosecution.
  • BNWLA maintained liaison with the Investigation Officer from the very beginning of the case for proper and prompt investigation.
  • BNWLA also maintained frequent communication with victim and her family to make them easy and confident with regard to get justice. Moreover, BNWLA continuously communicated with doctor, Investigation Officer and other witness to ensure their testimony.
  • Lawyers of BNWLA provided tremendous support to be succeeded through proving the case beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Justice has been ensured due to sincere and persistent effort of BNWLA with prosecution.


  • Judiciary is now more proactive and emphasizes in sensitized case for prompt disposal.
  • Coordination among the stakeholders and their effective effort can overcome all challenges to ensure justice.